Effortless work permit solutions for employers in Sweden

Simplify the process of bringing international talent to Sweden with our work permit solutions tailored for employers. From visa applications to regulatory compliance, we streamline the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition for your global workforce.

Work permit solutions for global professionals

Get support for your employees work permit application, tailored guidance for meeting requirements, and timely extensions to keep your international workforce operating seamlessly.

Work permit application support

Access expert assistance throughout the entire work permit process, from initial review to final decision, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for seamless immigration.

Support for meeting permit requirements

We guide you to ensure all work permit requirements are met, including employment contract, union involvement, financial viability and insurance obligations, minimizing the risk of application rejections.

Timely work permit extensions

We ensure timely extensions of your employees existing work permits with our guidance and support, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations for your international workforce.

Work permit process in Sweden

Here are the six steps needed to be able to receive a work permit in Sweden


Swedish employment agency job ad:

Post a job advertisement through the Swedish Employment Agency as a prerequisite for hiring individuals from outside the EU.


Labour union opinion:

Obtain an opinion from a labor union to ensure compliance with collective agreements and industry standards.


Swedish Migration Board Application:

Submit an application to the Swedish Migration Board for approval of the work permit.


Local Embassy Visit:

Receive the work permit card from the Swedish Migration Board upon approval.


Work Permit Card:

Use this short paragraph to write a supporting description of your list item. Remember to let your readers know why this list item is essential.


Travel to Sweden and start working: 

Upon receiving the work permit, make arrangements to travel to Sweden and begin working after completing all necessary steps.

Work permit pricing

We cover all essential steps, including advisory services, document reviews, communication with the labor union and diligent follow-up, ensuring a seamless process guided by our expertise.

25 000 kr

This includes advisory services for the best approach, job ad review, document review, job offer production, employment contract review, communication with the labor union, submitting the application to the Swedish Migration Agency and diligent follow-up until a decision is made.

If you are intrested in the complete relocation package, please visit our all-inclusive relocation package page.

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“Alex and his team helped us work with the immigration board for my relocation to Sweden – socially and professionally. They also helped me get set up with bank accounts, ID cards and everything I need to become a real “Swede”. The process was super easy and quick; we will definitely use them again nest time an employee needs a visa and relocation services.”

Richard Turner

IT Mangager at Solarkraft i Överlida AB

Richard Turner_Solarkraft

Frequently asked questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about our work permit services and how we can support you and your employees in their relocation needs.

For highly qualified workers (category A), the standard processing time for a work permit from the Swedish Migration Board is up to 30 days. For other categories (B, C, D), processing times can take up to 4 months. We prioritize efficiency by meticulously collecting documents and ensuring compliance before submitting applications, resulting in expedited processing.

Absolutely! Please reach out to us today, provide a brief overview of your situation, including your organization’s name, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

We do not directly sponsor work permits, nor can we assist private individuals in obtaining them. If you are seeking a work permit in Sweden, you must first secure a job and sign an employment contract.

To find employment in Sweden, we recommend browsing platforms like LinkedIn and local job banks to identify suitable job opportunities and submit applications. Once you have secured a job and signed a contract, you can refer to us. We will then liaise with your employer to facilitate collaboration, enabling us to assist with your relocation process.

Common reasons for work permit rejections can include incomplete or inaccurate documentation, failure to meet eligibility criteria, insufficient proof of qualifications or experience, and discrepancies in the employment contract or job offer. It’s crucial to ensure all required documents are accurately prepared and submitted to increase the chances of approval.

Absolutely, we take care of everything when it comes to work permit extensions or renewals. We ensure to contact you in time so that you have enough time for the renewal application. Our services include auditing the employment history, ensuring compliance with requirements such as salaries, taxes, and insurance. Once everything is in order, we proceed to apply for an extension on your behalf. Rest assured, this service is included in our Work permit package.

Need help with a work permit for your employees?

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*Please note that our services are exclusively for B2B companies and consultants with existing contracts. We do not assist private individuals in job seeking.
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