A hassle-free transition to life in Sweden with our settling-in services.

Navigate the bureaucratic landscape effortlessly as we assist with everything from tax registration to healthcare enrollment, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Sweden.

We take care of the “boring” stuff

There is a ton of stuff that needs to be sorted out when you arrive in Sweden – we help with everything you and your family needs.

Expert guidance through Swedish bureaucracy

Receive expert assistance navigating the complexities of Swedish bureaucracy, ensuring efficient and hassle-free interactions with authorities.

Streamlined administrative processes

Enjoy streamlined administrative processes as we handle tasks such as tax registration, ID-card applications, and healthcare enrollment on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Personalized support every step of the way

Get support at every step of the process, with dedicated assistance tailored to your needs and circumstances, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Sweden.

Trusted by top professionals

What our customers have to say about working with us

“Alex and his team helped us work with the immigration board for my relocation to Sweden – socially and professionally. They also helped me get set up with bank accounts, ID cards and everything I need to become a real “Swede”. The process was super easy and quick; we will definitely use them again nest time an employee needs a visa and relocation services.”

Richard Turner

IT Mangager at Solarkraft i Överlida AB

Richard Turner_Solarkraft

Settling-in services pricing

 We cover all necessary steps for you and your family to effectively navigate Swedish bureaucracy. From assisting with registration at the Swedish tax office to facilitating the application process for essential documents such as the Swedish ID-card, we ensure a smooth transition into Swedish society.

10 000 kr

We help with opening a Swedish bank account, advise on preschools and schools for your children, and ensure your enrollment in the social insurance system. With our support, you can confidently focus on establishing your new life in Sweden without the hassle of administrative burdens.

If you are intrested in the complete relocation package, please visit our all-inclusive relocation package page.

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*Please note that our services are exclusively for B2B companies and consultants with existing contracts. We do not assist private individuals in job seeking.
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