4 tips on finding, hiring and relocating international talent for IT & Tech, cleantech or renewable energy companies

The extremely fast evolution of technology, accelerated by the pandemic, has underscored the critical need for skilled tech professionals. With an anticipated shortage of 85 million tech workers by 2030, businesses must adopt innovative approaches to sourcing and retaining talent. In this article we give you four simple tips for finding, hiring and relocating international talent. 

Work on your employer branding

In today’s world where everyone is connected, it’s super important for your company to have a good image as an employer. Show that you care about having a diversity of people on your team, understand different cultures and treat everyone fairly. 

When you talk about your company, make it fit with what people in different places care about, but still keep it true to who you are. Share your company’s good points on places like your job pages, social media and through what your current employees say about working there. 

Partner up with recruitment companies

Work with people who know a lot about and have experience in hiring talent from different countries. They can help you understand the rules, what different cultures care about, and what job-seekers really want.

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Diversify your sourcing channels

Posting a job ad and hoping for the best doesn’t cut it anymore. But there are other ways to look for your next international talent.

To tap into a broader talent pool, explore sourcing platforms such as LinkedIn, specialized job boards, geo-targeted social media advertising or direct outreach in different online groups or forums.

Offer relocation packages

Relocating for a job entails more than professional opportunities; candidates consider factors like quality of life, cultural norms, and community engagement.

Incorporate these aspects into your relocation packages and promotional materials.

Highlight work permit support, housing assistance, and support for settling-in to the new environment.

A comprehensive relocation package demonstrates commitment to your new employees well-being and makes their transition to another country easier.

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Key takeaways

The tech world is moving fast and is going to need skilled people to keep up. By 2030, there could be a shortage of 85 million tech workers! That’s why it’s important to find and keep the best talent. 

Here are our four tips to help you do just that:

First, make sure your company looks good to everyone. Show that you care about having different kinds of people on your team, and treat everyone fairly. Share the good things about your company online so people want to work there.

Next, get help from people who know a lot about hiring from different countries. They can make sure you follow the rules and understand what job-seekers want.

Then, don’t just rely on one place to find people. Try different websites, social media, and online groups to find your next star employee.

Finally, if you’re asking someone to move for a job, make sure they know it’s worth it. Offer things like help finding a place to live and settling-in support. A good relocation package shows you care about your new employees and helps them settle in smoothly.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding, hiring, and relocating international talent with ease!