We help you launch tech career in Sweden Successfully!

We are your partner in securing a pre "work permit" and giving you valuable employement advice.

International talents

We specialize in helping international tech talents launch successful careers in Sweden. One of our services is providing support for obtaining a pre-work permits for the talents coming from outside of the EU. 

We also offer legal and employment-related advice, including guidance on salary expectations and negotiations. We strive to assist our clients throughout the entire process of relocating and starting their new tech career in Sweden, ensuring they have the best possible chance of success.

The truth

The truth is that the best way to launch your career in Sweden is to get a job. However, it can be challenging to find employment from abroad, even if you are highly competent and knowledgeable. Many employers in Sweden might be hesitant to go through time-consuming and complex migration processes with sometimes unpredictable outcome.

Is there something you as an international talent can do to nudge your future employers to make a positive employement decision and increasese your chances to get employeed significantly?

The answer is yes. You need to secure a pre-work permit.

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What is a pre-work permit?

A pre-work permit is a type of permit that allows international talents outside EU search for a job in Sweden. With a pre-work permit, you are able to enter the country and begin job search or do the job searching remotely and travel to Sweden when you land a job. 

This is a great opportunity for highly skilled individuals who are looking to work in Sweden but may not have a job offer prior to arriving in the country. Once you have secured a job, you are able to start working almost immediately since the pre-work permit allows you to work while your regular work permit application is being processed. This saves you and our future employer between 3-6 month of processing time.

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Who can get a pre-work permit?

With 13 years of experience in Swedish labor market, relocation and talent acquisition we believe that we can help engineering and tech taletns in the best possible way. 

We have developed a deep understanding of the industry and the specific needs required. If you’re an engineering and tech talent looking for guidance and support, we invite you to take advantage of our experience and expertise.

You need to have Masters Degree in Engineering, Technology or related in order for us to be able to help you obtaining pre-work permit.


Our goal is to help you to achieve your career aspirations in Sweden. While we cannot guarantee employment, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible legal, cultural, and communication advice and support to maximize your chances of success. Our expertise and experience in the field of engineering and technology, as well as our knowledge of the Swedish job market, will be at your service to help you achieve your goals. Our service includes:

  • Securing pre-work permit
  • Legal migration advice
  • Onboarding in Swedish work culture
  • Salary levels and negotiations
  • Guidence in converting pre-work permit to work permit
  • Guidence in Swedish housing market
  • Guidence within Swedish authorities


We apply fixed and transperent service fee of 15 000 SEK (eq. 1 500 EUR/USD).

If you want to explore your chances yourself, without our help, please click here and follow the Swedish Migrations Agency’s process.

Want to get to know more?

Please feel free to send your request and book a time with us to get to know more. 

If you want to read more from Swedish Migration Agency please click here.


This is how the process of getting a pre-work permit in Sweden will look like:

  • You book a meeting with us
  • We qualify you (education, skills and motivation)
  • You decide if you want to get a pre-work permit. If yes you buy the service
  • We help you to secure pre-work permit
  • We support you with local job market knowledge & tips
  • We guide you in Swedish work culture, housing market & authorities
  • We help you convert your pre-wrok permit to work-permit

We at Intertalents (Intertalents Consulting AB, Org. Number: 559364-1748) are the Swedish Migration Agency certified company and have fast-track access. This means that we have direct contact with all decision-making work permit units at the Migration Agency and participate in meetings to keep ourselves updated on current regulations and practices.

We are members of the The Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and Almega and all our employees are covered by collective agreements.


Tel.: +46 (0) 8 501 192 96

Email: info@intertalents.se