It starts from you. IT & Tech professional junior, experienced or mid makes no difference as far as you have passion for tech, are curious and want to learn and develop. If that’s you just apply for one of our jobs or drop us a message. You will hear from us soon.


We help our customers in setting up TA strategies and finding the most difficult to find talents. We believe in people and see cultural diversity as both the right and wise thing to do. We want to contribute to the world of equal opportunties for all talents.

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Finding a job could be a tiresome process with a lot of hustles and steps. We promise you to handle your application bias free and personally and focus on your skills and motivation. We aim to be culturally diverse and encourage you to apply when you find an interesting job.


Nobody likes to be rejected and there are more candidates than jobs . In case we are not able to hire you now we still want to keep in touch. We believe that if you are a skilled and motivated person sooner or later we will be able to find a relevant job for you. So let’s keep in touch!


We believe in simplicity even though processes tend to become more and more complex. The actual process might differ but overall this is how we see the process.